"And maybe she walks around feeling like a superhero . With that scarf dangling over her neck. Maybe nobody is forcing her to wear it, Maybe she would never leave home without it, And maybe she don’t care about what other people think,
Because most people’s opinion ‘aint even valid.

Maybe she feels free, Maybe she has peace of mind, And maybe she’ll give you a peace of her mind if you step out of line, Maybe she isn’t perfect, But maybe she’s trying, Maybe she’s just taking things one day at a time,
Maybe she laughs and maybe she cries,
And maybe you would be surprised at everything she keeps inside
Maybe she can hear every single word said by those cowards, Maybe she has no problems defying those who doubt her, Maybe she is a warrior and the silence is getting louder,
Maybe she wears that shield ‘cause every single day is a battle, Maybe she is more than the skin she is in,

Maybe we should start learning how to love that’s within, Maybe God only knows all the places she has been, Maybe she comes back to Him again and again, Maybe she’s not afraid to die, just afraid not to live Maybe I am not worthy of everything she can give, Cause maybe she is kind, sweet, pure, gentle, and suitable, And maybe, just maybe, she is beautiful."

-Boona Mohammed, Soul & Servant {belogpink}

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